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MindBody Psychiatry and Health Optimization

 MindBody Psychiatry is an approach to patient care that looks at the whole person, also known as Integrative Psychiatry. I like to use the word "wholistic" rather than the more common spelling holistic to emphasize a complete approach without "holes". This is also known as the Bio-Psycho-Socio-Spiritual  Approach to Psychiatry.  This is the only way I know to truly help a person reach a healthy and satisfying way of life. Too often medicine is compartmentalized and the whole person is not truly seen by his or her physician. I am a second generation Osteopathic Physician.  The modeling I learned from my father who was a Family Physician and the perspective I learned in medical school looked at the whole mindbody connection. My style is to seek ways to help a patient reach optimum health through looking at multiple approaches to their care including body based therapies, conventional "allopathic" medicine, and nutritional medicine.

I am trained as a General Adult Psychiatrist and completed a Fellowship in Substance Abuse Treatment. I worked a few years as the Assistant Unit Chief  of the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center at the  Palo Alto  VA Medical Center.  I obtained my Board Certification in Psychiatry opened my private practice of Psychiatry in Los Gatos, California in 1988.  From the beginning I have helped my patients seek optimal health, co-treating with their general doctor. In the past decade I have been called upon more often to make suggestions for more complete diagnostic work ups and general health care for my patients. It became obvious to me in the last several years that I needed to address issues of thyroid  disease, adrenal dysfunction and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to help optimize outcomes for healing in my Psychiatric patients.  

Since 2005, I have completed several hundred  hours of CME courses in Anti-Aging and Functional  Medicine. These included advanced courses in bioidentical hormone replacement (inclucing sex hormones, thyroid  and adrenal homones), nutrition and supplement use, neurotransmitter evaluation and use of neurotransmitter precursors, and other ways of addressing chronic complex diseases. These intensive courses were through the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, The Institute for Functional Medicine, and Worldlink Medical (with Dr. Neal Rouzier).

Anti-Aging Medicine is a relatively new field that is concerned with expanding a person's healthy life span, i.e. not just how long but how well you live. Functional  Medicine is concerned with looking at the factors that impact your general health. These include "givens" that can not change like your genetics and environmental toxins from your past. Functional medicine tries to impact these given factors with various  interventions including  hormone replacement therapy, diet,  and nutritional supplements. Both of these branches of medicine look at stress reduction, exercise and maintaining healthy eating habits. Since 2007, I have incorporated these factors in my treatment strategies to complement  and enhance my more traditional  psychiatric practice of psychotherapy and conventional psychiatric medications, and do consultations for  patients BHRT and help with their chronic disease processes.

Another important aspect of  health optimization is looking at  Mindbody issues, i.e. Psychosomatic Medicine as described by Doctor John Sarno. With all of these approaches I am particularly well suited to help because of my diverse training in various forms of psychotherapy, including Psychodrama, Redicision Therapy (TA/Gestalt), Psychodynamic and Transpersonal. I am also a certified teacher of the Enneagram, having recieved training from  Helen Palmer, Don Riso  and Russ Hudson.
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